4 Things to Make Your PHP Developers’ Hiring Effortless

With the shift to digital, companies are using more digital products and services than ever before. As a result, the need for digital talent has increased. Specifically, PHP developers are getting harder to come by. Because most websites use the programming language, enterprises don’t want to let experienced PHP developers slip away.

Consequently, hiring and training PHP web developers become one of the most challenging and time-consuming aspects of running a tech business. Finding, recruiting, and training such digital talent takes a lot of time and energy. The thought of hiring PHP web developers hurdles dismays many business owners who want to create modern web apps using PHP. And they end up making costly mistakes.

But if you want to escape such situations, you must be strategic about hiring your PHP web developers upfront. Instead of asking where to find, understand how to hire qualified PHP developers. To answer this question on your own, I have compiled four factors that, if you know, will make your hiring easy. And they are:

1 Categorize your PHP developers

Decide on the type of PHP developer you need before beginning the hiring process. Hiring a PHP developer is an enormous commitment, and it’s critical that you find the right one for your team. Take the time to figure out what you need in a talented PHP developer before you even begin the recruiting process. This will help you narrow down your options and save a lot of time and effort in the long run.

However, making sense of the myriad of PHP developer skills, experience, and education levels can be daunting. That’s where categorizing developers by their specific skills come in handy. Basically, you find three categories of PHP developers:

Experts: with about five to more years of experience, expert PHP developers possess mastery in creating software products compatible with gaining a competitive advantage.

Mid-level: such PHP developers are perfect when you are on a tight budget but require talent that matches your industry and your standard.

Beginner: after completing the bachelor of engineering or learning PHP, many candidates seek internships or jobs to practice PHP programming; these are beginners who are suitable if you build an in-house development team.

2 Know your goals

Knowing your goals before hiring PHP developers is one of the most important things. Suppose your goal is to create a new website to get more exposure or to sell more products. You also need to know what type of website you want to make. Is it a business website, CMS, API, or a custom website? The kind of website you want to create will determine the type of PHP developers you will need to hire.

3 Frameworks you need

Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symfony, CakePHP, and tons of PHP frameworks are there. But not every PHP developer needs to know all the PHP frameworks. Therefore, it’s better to decide what framework you want to implement for your web project based on your goals. This will make it easier to find a PHP developer with experience in the specific framework and tools.

4 Quality work

The quality of the PHP developer is crucial for a successful project. If you hire a new, inexperienced developer, they will most likely write lousy code, which can have a real negative impact on the project. And one poor PHP developer can nullify the efforts of an entire team of excellent developers.

To avoid such a disaster, you should ensure your potential PHP developer is able to:

  • Timely code delivery
  • Faster time-to-market
  • Write codes with fewer bugs to deal with

What did you learn?

You have decided to hire PHP developers to build your web application. You want to make sure you hire the right people, so you want to understand what makes a good PHP developer. I hope this helps you identify candidates with the right skills and steer clear of those who don’t have the talent or experience to help you build a successful web application.



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